Stanton Cotswolds Photo Gallery

This was an in-house project, a new build that is an amenity to my wife’s equestrian business. A two bedroom cottage, office block and toilets, a tack shop and small coffee outlet. This was the 2nd phase of the project, the 1st phase we built was 80+ stables with tack rooms, outbuildings for feeds, a horse walker and two ménages also the tarmac to the large car park. This was back in 1997 and unfortunately mobile phones weren’t so advanced then so I don’t have any photos of the 1st phase.

Regardless of being a reputable Cotswolds builder or not I strongly recommend to any builder don’t work for the wife because budgets don’t exist and I don’t agree that any women as much as I love um is entitled to keep changing their mind.

However the important thing here is my wife ended up with an equestrian centre to be proud of and runs it successfully to this day, and surprisingly we are still speaking so not all bad.

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