Naunton Cotswold Photo Gallery

Naunton (small flat and garage)

How to turn a garden shed into a beautiful en-suite bedsit and very smart garage. Unfortunately someone else thought they should own my mobile phone with dozens of photos of this project on it, fortunately one of our lads had these 2 photos of before and after, jokingly saying they took the first one because it was unusual to see me doing some manual.

This project involved a lot of pre-construction work being carried out by the architect Stuart Bond and his structural engineer as well as our party wall surveyor who between them had to convince the neighbour we would not let the gable of his property fall down, this also involved a very serious risk and method statement along with addition builders insurance to cover all risks and eventualities.

Moving on, this was a very challenging job for many reasons, we were building up against a neighbouring property that had quite shallow footings so this gable wall had to be securely shored up so we could under-pin the footings and move on. Due to the fact this new building was basically in a hole we had some very deep excavation’s to carry out to get the footings in-situ and this was made even more challenging due to some very wet weather that certainly did not help us. Special attention was required for the storm water drainage due to this.

However after all of these very challenging situations we successfully built this beautiful building that fitted into the surroundings looking like it had been there forever, just another example of a Cotswolds builder with full knowledge of the local area and understanding of the vernacular materials and techniques as well as connections with local suppliers and tradesmen that gives us a distinct advantage. Call us today to discuss your requirements and we can build your dream county home together.

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