Naunton Cotswold Builders 1st Phase Photo Gallery

Naunton Cotswold builders love to hear and use old sayings that really apply to most of our projects and another one is “you can’t make an omelette without breaking an egg” now that certainly applies to this project. A derelict old barn on the edge of Naunton that could hardly stand up on its own and no-one could get planning permission to either knock it down and re-build it or renovate it. With our expertise and a determined client and 18 months later we managed to agree with Cotswold District Planners that this was a massive eye soar and dangerous as it stood. They eventually agreed we could renovate it and bring it back to a barn, then another application would be required to convert it into a holiday cottage.

As you can imagine this was a long process but our client felt worthwhile.

Unfortunately once the 1st phase was completed our client decided to sell his farm and move back to Florida so our company did not do the 2nd phase but I wanted to show you the final outcome. This work was carried out by another very good Cotswold builder who knew the new owners so regardless of who finished the project a beautiful end product was achieved using Cotswold builders.

Now look back at the old saying!

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