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Cotswolds builders proves an old English saying wrong “you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”. Laverton Cotswolds Builder can make all the difference to your project.

This 1970’s Bradstone kitchen extension and garage should have been knocked down and started again, with the guidance from a local architect and structural engineer a new footing was designed to allow the new external walls to be built off them, this saved considerable time and costs for our client resulting in a beautiful extension almost doubling the size of a very small cottage. Re-claimed stone was sourced giving an aged look that would normally take many years to achieve, just one of the advantages of using local Cotswold builders with the knowledge of the vernacular materials and techniques as well as connections with local suppliers and tradesmen that gives us a distinct advantage.

Cotswolds Builder Laverton and Developer in and around the Cotswolds

Here at Carenza Developments we are passionate about improving your home or commercial buildings. Our involvement from start to finish allows for an unparalleled bespoke service, ensuring the demands and needs of our clients are met at every step during the project whilst setting the standards for a first-class service.

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