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Cotswold Builder Worcestershire

A project that required knocking down and starting from fresh really but being Listed could not happen.

This was a very old set of farm building consisting of a hay loft, feed store and garage with a dirt floor agricultural implements shed that was just used for storage.

The whole building was sat on very shallow footings in fact there were none in places so we had to carry out a lot of underpinning and put new footings in-situ where required. Although challenging, not un-common when working on old buildings but it does require a lot of skill and understanding of what’s above when carrying out this work.

Once all the under-pinning was in-situ and the new footings were in place we could then dig up the existing dirt floor and lay a traditional new floor consisting of hard-core, membrane (dpc), concrete over-sight and screed on top.

Although this project had many challenges they were easily overcome, we had to lay 200mts of new water-pipe along with BT gables and install a new treatment plant for the foul drainage along with soakaways for storm drainage. The rest was strip everything such as roofs, repoint, new windows and doors including 2 sets of garage doors, re-build an old set of brick external stairs with metal handrail and balustrades and then put everything internally back together to achieve a beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom with large open plan kitchen/living room and a lovely patio with a large new walled garden along with a double garage and ample parking.

The building was completely transformed and now has a useful purpose for decades to come.

Just another example of using a local Cotswold builder with knowledge of the vernacular materials and techniques as well as connections with local suppliers and tradesmen that gives them a distinct advantage.

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