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An old village pub that was in desperate need of a total make-over and full refurbishment.

This is one of our favourite type of projects we love to take on, a total gut of a large flat above the pub, followed by a total gut of the pub below, a large state of the art commercial kitchen extension with a beautiful conservatory and landscaping and a new entrance lobby.

Although it may look daunting to start off with a reputable Cotswolds builder with full knowledge of the local area and understanding of the vernacular materials and techniques as well as connections with local suppliers and tradesmen to suit will love to get stuck in to this type of work.

Our client’s dream was to turn this property into a family home for themselves with the flat above and provide a very smart local pub with a quality restaurant to suit everyone’s taste.

This project certainly had its issues, externally more than internally. The village is call BROADWELL and that’s for a reason, whilst excavating for the new kitchen extension and laying storm and foul drainage in the front car park we soon realised why the village was called BROADWELL, we came across 2 very large wells that we had to deal with under strict supervision from our architect and structural engineers.

Moving forwards after the wells issue everything else was as you would expect during this type of project and went smoothly.

During the project our clients were very involved and had their own vision on how they wanted everything to look from the very expensive commercial kitchen to the final lick of paint throughout the whole building. Our client had their own interior designer who together came up with the colour scheme for every room and we all worked together very closely to get the beautiful end result.

Working with any client can sometimes be challenging but as long as you as the builder understand what they want and they are happy to pay for any changes they might want things will work out for the best and everyone is happy.

Call us today to discuss your requirements and we can build your dream county home together.

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