Buckland Cotswolds Photo Gallery

A very old run down cottage in Buckland lived in by a lovely old lady for decades until she passed away leaving it to her daughters.

I have mentioned this on several of our projects and it’s true, these really are our favourite projects, a complete refurbishment with a beautiful extension with landscaping.

Our clients (the sisters) who we have worked for on several other project decided simply for sentiment reasons they did not want to sell the property so once planning permission was approved to extend and renovate we were called in to carry out the works.

This is another example where a reputable Cotswolds builder with full knowledge of the local area and understanding of the vernacular materials and techniques as well as connections with local suppliers and tradesmen to suit will love to get stuck in, and this was no exception.

Our clients dream was to totally revitalise the cottage and earn a little bit of revenue to help pay for the building costs by turning it into a very beautiful holiday cottage right opposite one of the most exclusive hotels in the Cotswolds.

This project un-like so many of this kind threw very few challenges at us, just the normal rip out and reinstate to today’s standards and requirements.

Another project where the clients wanted to be involved with the finishing including the design and fitting of the kitchen and utility room, this actually went smoother than I expected thanks to the sisters all having the same taste.

The only issue we had on this project was I was taking down a small Cotswolds wall with my digger and came across a nest of Adders living in it, talk about jump, my lads scarpered and said you could smell the fear, thankfully one of our lads was not afraid of them and picked them up (4 of them) and put them by a brook that runs through the garden. Only concern mum and dad were nowhere to be seen.

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